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Dr Stewart has extensive experience in managing even the most complex trauma, including replantation.

Scaphoid Fracture Surgery Perth

Scaphoid fractures are a common injury, and can be easily missed at first presentation.

Expert treatment of your scaphoid fracture is important, as the scaphoid can often struggle to unite.  If it fails to heal this can cause long term problems with the wrist, such as carpal collapse and widespread arthritis and pain.

Scaphoid Surgery

Why people choose to have scaphoid surgery?

  • Decrease the return to work time
  • Decrease the risk of non-union
  • To stabilise comminuted or displaced fractures

If you’ve sustained a scaphoid fracture, and wish to discuss your treatment options, please make an appointment to see Dr Stewart and his team today.


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Taking care of yourself after surgery

As each injury is unique, Dr Stewart will create a personalised post-operative care plan for you to ensure you get the best result from your surgery. Please note that hand therapy is an integral part of the recovery process, so please follow your set guidelines carefully. Scar tissue within the hand will cause problems with stiffness and reduced mobility, which will take 6 months to resolve with ongoing therapy.

Please remember to be patient and follow your care instructions closely to ensure a successful recovery.