Life changing hand and wrist rejuvenation

Our hands take on a lot of day-to-day tasks, so when their mobility is restricted it can cause a number of problems. If you are experiencing issues with your hands or wrists, don’t suffer in silence. Our range of procedures can provide life changing relief from symptoms and help you move forward with confidence.

Digit Replantation Perth

Digital replantation surgery is undertaken to replace the loss of a finger, fingers, or the hand. Losing these parts of the hand can be a devastating injury with severe functional consequences. Digital replantation surgery is highly complex, so choosing the right surgeon with the experience and abilities you need is a crucial step.

Dr Stewart has extensive experience in replantation, with regular referrals through his roles at Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and through Work Injury Managers.

Not all surgeons are able to offer replantation when the injury occurs towards the very tip of the finger. Dr Stewart regularly performs these distal replantations when required, giving you the peace of mind to know that everything possible will be done to restore complete functionality.

If you've previously ben injured, are you aware of the reconstructive options available to you?  Dr Stewart also has experience in toe transfers in order to replace digits that may of been previously amputated and restore form and function.

These kind of injuries cause a lot of stress, and you may not know where to turn. If your injury is the result of a workplace accident, please be aware that you have the right to choose your surgeon. Dr Stewart is always available for your treating doctor to consult with and coordinate your urgent care. Contact our team to find out more.

digital replantation surgery example perth

Taking care of yourself after surgery

The hands are highly pain-sensitive, and pain may be severe enough to require analgesics. To reduce movements and allow the repairs to hold firmly, you may need to wear a splint. Rehabilitation is also necessary to achieve maximal use of your hands after the procedure.

Success rates depend on the type of deformity, and complete recovery may take months to years.