Reconstructive and Trauma Surgery

Dr Stewart has extensive experience in managing even the most complex trauma, including replantation.

Hand Trauma Surgery Perth

Hand trauma surgery is a type of surgery that is used to repair and treat injuries to the hands. Dr Nathan Stewart is a highly qualified specialist reconstructive surgeon working in Perth, Western Australia. He has extensive experience and has performed thousands of surgeries in the area of hand and wrist surgery as well as general reconstructive surgery.

Hand Trauma Surgeon

After becoming a specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Stewart spent a further year of training in the UK where he underwent further specialty training in the areas of complex wrist problems such as failed scaphoid unions (non-union), with a particular focus on correcting these when other surgeries had failed.

He is highly skilled in the technique of using wrist arthroscopy to deal with complex problems to minimise internal scarring and maximise wrist function and is current with all the latest techniques and innovations to gain you the best result.

Hand Trauma & Hand Injury Surgery

If you find yourself referred to Royal Perth hospital or Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital with a complex hand trauma, wrist injury or nerve problem, you will likely be referred to Dr Nathan Stewart who provides high-level care as a specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon to these hospitals.

From complex flap reconstruction, hand trauma injury surgery, hand fracture fixation, and tendon injury to carpal tunnel, Dr Nathan Stewart have the experience and the knowledge to treat you.

If you find yourself injured, if you’ve had surgery elsewhere with sub-optimal outcomes, or if you’re struggling with chronic pain in the hand and wrist, then get in touch with Dr Nathan Stewart today!

Taking care of yourself after surgery

As each injury is unique, Dr Stewart will create a personalised post-operative care plan for you to ensure you get the best result from your surgery. Please note that hand therapy is an integral part of the recovery process, so please follow your set guidelines carefully. Scar tissue within the hand will cause problems with stiffness and reduced mobility, which will take 6 months to resolve with ongoing therapy.

Please remember to be patient and follow your care instructions closely to ensure a successful recovery.